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Jose Oliva, R-Miami, proposed a better regulation by requiring owners to obtain регистрация азино 777 с бонусом за регистрацию gaming игровые автоматы азино777 демо licenses. Negron, however, presented the strong claim that those casino owners in rural areas could suffer economic hardship with the mandate of paying for licensing on their shoulders. Those who opt to follow the new law could be forced to layoff employees. Owners who attempt to keep their businesses afloat sans licensing регистрация азино 777 с бонусом за регистрацию could eventually suffer the harsh reality азино ссылка of forced closure due to noncompliance with the law, meanwhile. “You would literally have to shut down a business,” Negron revealed. “That is completely antithetical to any pro-business policy.” Ultimates, both Oliva and Negron agreed that there were “too many components to resolve in a short time frame.” Hence, the reason for lawmakers leaving the choice up to voters.

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